It is mandated for every business to issue receipts in billing. It is advantageous for the sellers as they can determine their taxable and non-taxable income. It is also advantageous for the consumers as receipts would serve as proof of their expenses. If you are planning to make a receipt for your IT and Software company refer to our premium and high-quality IT and Software Receipt Templates in Apple Pages. You can utilize these templates according to your business as it has industry compliant and original content. Moreover, you can get this template in any of your devices, edit, personalize, and print them. Make the smart choice for your business and download a template to complete your task instantly. Subscribe now and start downloading!

How to Make an IT and Software Receipt in Apple (MAC) Pages?

As the transaction between a producer and a consumer takes place, it must be documented through a cash receipt to avoid discrepancies. But, with the generation today, receipts are often ditched and neglected. But, according to a survey, two-thirds of 68% of the consumer population in the US preferred to have a physical copy of their receipt. So, if you are providing your software development service to your patrons, here are some tips in making your IT and software receipts using Apple Pages.

1. Gather the Data

Your receipts would be useless if you present it with wrong or misleading information. With that, you need to have a data checklist for your customer. It must have the basic information like the name of the consumer, the number of purchased goods, the location of the business, and more. Depending on the products or services that you offer, it can be the hours of service you rendered.

2. Launch and Make Every Receipt Unique

Apple Pages is a word processor for Mac and IOS systems and is coded with various advanced features that can help in making a receipt effectively. Choosing this software for this purpose is the wisest decision as you can complete your task in minutes. Use the 'table' tool at the top of the page to make the structure for holding receipt details and write all the item details in an individual unit. There are several instances where receipts are duplicated, thus leading to confusion. To avoid it, you need to make sure that every issued receipt is unique and authorized. You can add factors, such as receipt number to keep them unique. Aside from it, you can easily track the purchase into your receipt book, making it convenient for you and the consumer.

3. Include Payment Matters

In every business, transactions and monetary exchanges are relevant and pertinent. You need to indicate the mode of payment, taxes, and more. For instance, if you have rendered your service in the accounting software of your client, you need to indicate in the receipt if there are other charges aside from the regular rate.

4. Brand your Receipt

Your receipt can be your low key advertisement tool, as long as you know how to brand it. You need to indicate the basics of your company into the document, your IT and software company name, logo, address, email address, and contact number. With these details added, it would be easier for your client to contact you for inquiries.

5. Check Your Receipt

As the tip number 1 stated, you would not to miss information or make a mistake, so check your IT and software receipt. If you are using a receipt maker, you need to make sure that you fill out every detail into it. Remember that receipt is an important document for your business, so do not overlook it.

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