Once an IT or software sales transaction is finalized, it is crucial to issue a receipt to a customer to document the billing and the payment. Business entities would also be needing receipt copies as a supporting document in auditing and computing tax expense. If you are planning to make one for your business, have a look at our ready-made IT and Software Receipt in MS Word first. Our receipt templates can easily be downloaded in any of your preferred devices. They are 100% editable, printable, and you can personalize them in minutes. Your desired cash receipt or sales receipt is right at your fingertips. Subscribe now and click the download button to get started.

How to Create an IT and Software Receipt in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

Many receipt makers and tools are available on the internet today, such as the Receipt Bank, working hand in hand with accounting software to create a receipt. However, it would be best if you personalize your receipt so you can incorporate your branding elements. With that, here are some quick tips to help you finish this task instantly.

1. Launch and Incorporate Your Branding Elements

Open MS Word and start either with a 'Blank' document or search for a receipt template on the 'Search' bar. If you find a suitable one, get started with that and edit the highlighted areas, and if you are proceeding with a blank document start with the header. Your branding elements must always be present in every document of your company, including your business receipts. On the header of your receipt, you must place your company name, company logo, address, contact information, website, and other contact details. Having them on your receipt will not only inform the client where they purchase their goods or services but also provide them your company information.

2. Ensure that the Items Listed Are Complete and Correct

Customers do not want to pay more than what they have ordered. So, you have to ensure that the list is complete and correct, and the prices match their corresponding items.

3. Highlight the Subtotal and Grand Total

Usually, the first thing that the customers would check on their invoice and receipt is the total. So, make sure that the subtotal and the total are rendered in bold or in fonts larger than the rest of the text so it would be easy for the customer to locate them.

4. Be Organized and Ensure Proper Formatting

Lastly, for the presentation, you must organize the receipt content with proper formatting. For example, the top portion is intended for the seller’s details, the middle portion should present the list of goods or services availed of, and the bottom part should present the terms and conditions in brief and/or the signatories. Use the 'Insert' and 'Format' menu tools to insert, organize, and format the details and content.

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