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How to Make an IT and Software Scope of Work in Apple (MAC) Pages?

A scope of work document is a crucial part in any project. It allows better project management and assures the timely arrival of deliverables. In the IT and software industry, workers need to protect important files and do a lot of work according to the client's preferences. This kind of document can really help in informing employees on what they should do in the project.

If you need some tips in writing a scope of work document for IT and software, refer to the list below.

1. Understand the Project

An effective scope of work begins with a clear understanding of the IT or software project. Together with the rest of the project team, get the picture of your client's wants and needs. Include the project scope as well. Put all details in a blank document.

2. Write Project Descriptions

Come up with the most suitable work process to complete the project then describe the functions and processes covered by it. Also, get a clear definition of project success and failure by your client. With these, you would know the software requirements specification of the project.

3. Keep Things Short

TThe scope of work is just short, so your client can understand what you have for them. Details are important, but keep it brief. Shorter statements are better above anything else.

4. Set a Realistic Timeline

Set a timeline that will give the team enough time to meet the project requirements. It should cover the starting and finishing date of the project, as well as its budget.

5. Include a Warranty Term

Give your client the time to test the IT or software project you will be doing once it's done. Include an agreement and conditions for the project's maintenance in your document.

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