As Lailah Gifty Akita stated, ‘’Your past success is the foundation of your future success.’’ For IT and Software companies, having a comprehensive office timeline would remind you of every past event that leads to the company’s success. So, if you do not have one yet, make now by downloading our industry-compliant, professionally written, and high-quality IT and Software Timeline Templates in Google Docs. This file is made by our professionals with original suggestive heading and content. Moreover, we guarantee you that this template is 100% customizable and easily editable in any device readily available for you. Make action by downloading this template now!

How to Make an IT and Software Timeline in Google Docs?

The field of project management is diverse, giving the project managers a hard time in keeping up with the events of the company. Project managers for IT and Software companies tend to use documents, like a timesheet or timeline diagram that would keep them organized and updated with events. So, if you wanted to keep up with the company’s software development, follow these tips in making a timeline:

1. Outline the Event Breakdown

In planning your event timeline, you need to breakdown the events into standardized event packages. This would give you a direction as to what future IT and Software events you need to accomplish.

2. Determine Dependencies

The list of events would not be possible if dependencies are not present. Make sure to assign an individual in each event that would complete the series of events in a sequential and orderly manner. This is a turning point for the success of your IT and Software project, so you need to do it right.

3. Assess the Availability of Resources

In planning your timeline chart, you need to consider your resources— money, workforce, and technology. You need to ensure that you know when the resources are available. Especially for events that would depend on each other, ensure that they have enough resources to accomplish such events.

4. Choose the Right Platform

There are various online platforms that you can use in starting your IT and Software timeline. Some of these are Agile, Edraw, Visual Paradigm, and more. Choosing the right platform to use would impact the overall making of your timeline, so choose what complements the type of timeline that you need.

5. Proofread Timeline

To make sure that everything is smooth and harmonious, you need to proofread your project timeline. Consult it to your executives if you have uncertainties and ask for their feedback.

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