Technological advancements have been occurring since the time internet has been invented. Businesses have been making use of the boons of the internet to the fullest. Therefore, how far is your IT company in the process? Our High-Quality and Customizable IT and Software Timeline Templates will help you track progress reports, glitch analysis, etc. Download the timeline of your choice and edit it in Apple Pages. So, with a timeline ready, you will get the ease in showing the chronological phases of events and processes. Don't skip this opportunity and download our template today! 

How to Make an IT and Software Timeline in Apple(MAC) Pages?

Software development and mobile apps, all of these worked with the help of IT experts. Indeed, throughout history, technologies have developed. The IT industry has widely performed in full potential. Perhaps, the data released by CompTIA shows a 5% growth in IT Projects in 2018. This explains the stability of the industry. And with all of these events that happened in the past, every business needs a timeline or timesheet to track these occasions. To help you create an IT and Software Timeline in Pages, read the following tips.

1. Outline the Information

To start with, create an outline of the information. You must know what the content should be. With that said, obtain and outline the dates, events, tasks, or process. But remember, what you acquire is dependent on what the purpose is.

2. Create a Table

With the details ready, use your Mac and choose the Apple Pages application to launch a document and make a table. In doing so, craft your timeline depending on how you would want it to look. But if this may take a while, you can explore templates from our website. Then, download a Ready-Made IT and Software Timeline Template instead. Eventually, you'll get the job done efficiently.

3. Transfer the Details

Now, individually fill out what's missing. Lay all the dates and events to your downloaded timeline. You have to make sure to write the correct label to each item in the box. Especially with the dates, state them correctly in chronological order. If you wish to add descriptions, ensure to avoid slang. This helps regular users understand it well. You can do the rough work for it on a Log sheet earlier.

4. Customize It

In achieving a clean and professional-looking timeline diagram, you're not limited to customizing it. With that said, edit the sections you wish to enhance. Adjust the size of the table, or beautify it with colors. Even if it's an office timeline, make it look attractive. In this way, grabbing people's attention would be easier. Other than that, consider adding your company logo at the top of the document to enhance its quality.

5. Recheck and Finalize

Now, review your work for the final step. Check if there are missing elements. Then, redo it if necessary. Once done, print samples for your IT company.

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