When it comes to running a professional business centered around software technology, it’s important to manage and keep track of your production team’s time spent working. This is where using a timesheet comes in. A timesheet is a type of useful dashboard chart that’s easily editable in a spreadsheet program, allowing for a more convenient method of organizing employee attendance and workloads. So, to help you save time setting up efficient timekeeping, download one of our Ready-Made IT and Software Timesheet Templates! Our templates are printable in both A4 and US sizes, 100% customizable in Google Docs. Download now and streamline the creation of your documents!

How to Make an IT and Software Timesheet in Google Docs?

As explained by dictionay.cambridge.org, a timesheet is a type of document used to manage the working hours of employees. So, for an easier time keeping tabs on software-related tasks and projects, feel free to utilize any of our IT and Software Timesheet Templates! And, we’ve got several tips (below) to help you start editing right away.

1. Pick a Matching Template and Customize it in Google Docs

Consider which specific type of IT and Software Timesheet Template to use, as there are various ways you can go about setting up your own schedule dashboard. Making a careful decision on your base will prevent you from wasting time and effort when it’s time to edit.

With your chosen template open in Google Docs, make the necessary adjustments to fit your work. Be sure that each employee’s name is spelled correctly as you write them down. Also, alphabetize those names properly to make them easier to find on the timesheet later.

2. Optimizing Your Timesheet

To take advantage of good readability, use various complementary colors to highlight and segregate different sections of your timesheet. Not only should the colors make your chart easier to navigate through, but they should also have a soft tone as not to induce eye strain--use gentle pastel colors.

3. Keep Organized With Other Tools

Got a lot on your plate besides timekeeping? Consider setting up a planner for better management of tasks. And, if you’re having trouble remembering names of workers while creating your timesheet, then list them down in a checklist beforehand.

4. A Better Way of Timekeeping

Now that your custom timesheet is complete, it’s finally ready to implement into projects, attendance, etc. We’ve got the solution for managing your workforce’s shifts and workloads with our versatile documents!

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