How to Create an IT and Software Timesheet in Word(DOC)?

Since the 18th century until this day, developments in technology is widely praised. More than a thousand IT companies have prospered. And as the population grows, this allowed an increasing demand. Perhaps, CompTIA research studies suggest that the information technology industry is said to rise in 2020 with a $5.2 trillion record. This is because of the nonstop projects that are coming in.

In securing that money won’t go to waste and time won’t get stretched, track your progress by making an IT and Software Business Timesheet using Word.

1. Know the Details

Before you begin with handling the document, it’s important that you collect the details first. With that said, know what is it for. Generally, this helps you come up with what the content should be.

2. Create a Tracker

Now, start forming the table in your document. Start by launching Microsoft Word. Then, use the editing tools to lay a table that’s enough to hold your content. Now, remember that in your sheet, you can divide the table into different sections. It’s easier for the officetimer or heads to track records this way.

3. Provide the Proper Label

On each row and column heading, provide what best fits for the label. Include columns about the employee’s full name, tasks, date worked, billing, overtime expense, hours worked and many others. These are important sections to add in your sample sheet for a more detailed arrangement of the details of your organization.

4. Transfer all the Details

With the complete heading labels, incorporate the details in the right position. For daily timesheet or monthly timesheet, don’t forget to supply the dates correctly. Calculate the compensated hours correctly to provide transparency. What’s important here is to indicate the correct information.

5. Download a Timesheet Template

You may also consider looking for more pre-made templates on our website. Choose an employee record sheet that you think best fits your needs. Then, edit it with the Word application. Now, you have a template you can conveniently polish.

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