Being goal-oriented helps in achieving success. Being goal-oriented is not about worrying about what needs to be done, but appreciating what has been done. In a company, everyone must fully understand the importance of productivity. Productivity can be a double-edged sword. When not met, it can affect not just the company itself, but also the employees working for it. Track everyone's contribution, as what each has promised for the company at the beginning, by making a tracker. For your IT and Software Company, here are our IT and Software Tracking Templates ready to track everyone's progress to keep the company moving forward!

How to Make an IT and Software Tracking in Google Sheets?

IT and Software industries make complex tasks. To effectively implement the organization of these tasks, a method called tracking can be used. Tracking will help your company in all positive ways. To start tracking, follow the steps below to make the pre-requisite tracker help you carry out a trustworthy roadmap to success.

1. Set Your Tracking Objectives

Identify what you are tasked to track for your IT Department or Software Company. Is it an inventory of your department’s hardware items? Or a tracker of your company software sales? Know the objectives in detail. It will guide you in making this tracking tool as you go on.

2. Fill Out the Sheet

Let’s start customizing this tracker by placing appropriate labels to the rows and columns of the sheet. Your objectives will usually already give what you need to put on label sections of the tracking dashboard. According to your task, the contents you will be writing under each section can be taken from supporting documents or attachments, such as receipts, or by doing the tracking from scratch. Manual equipment tracking, for example, for the hardware asset tracking of your IT department. Then the other details will follow.

3. Provide the Tracker Details

When organizing the tracker table from the tracker software to an official paper document, you need to provide the tracker details. This includes the tracker name and number, preparation information, your IT and Software department or company details, and the details of the authorized person who will approve the tracker.

4. Modify the Tracker

To create a better and effective tracking system, customize the tracker by using colors to indicate differences. For the utilized example about the hardware inventory, you can use red color on the equipment count of the hardware that does not match the number of users. Lacking wireless mouses, for example.

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