IT Flowcharts

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What Is an IT Flowchart?

An IT flowchart is the kind of flowchart that IT companies use to present the processes of a project. It outlines all the steps that will take place from start to finish. This chart is usually just one page long. 

How to Create an IT Flowchart

An IT flowchart is similar to an ordinary chart; their only difference is that a flowchart is a process flow diagram about the sequence of operations or the step-by-step progression of programming or business websites using lines, arrows, and other symbols. If you need to create these kinds of chart templates, read our tips below.

1. Start With a Draft

Before making your chart, you need to start with a draft. You may choose a flowchart symbol you will be using in your draft. Use a rounded box if you wish to include an event that will take place instantly. On the other hand, use the diamond symbol to represent a point of decision in a given process. Lastly, use a circle if you want to relate one process to another.

2. Choose a Template

Choose a suitable sample chart template that can accommodate the process that you have in mind. If you pick a template that already has a preformatted layout, you will just insert your data easily. 

3. Formulate a Sequence

Formulate a sequence for your simple flowchart. Use arrows to connect ideas with one another. This will be easy for the readers to follow the whole process. You can also use lines instead of arrows as well.

4. Insert Design Elements

If you want to make your flowchart more appealing to your audience, add some design elements to capture the attention of your readers. Customize the template you have previously downloaded and insert the design you wish to include. Do not put too much design to make reading easier for your readers when you present it in a PowerPoint presentat+ion.


  • On what applications can you design a flowchart?

      You can design a flowchart using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google Docs. These applications have the tools you need to come up with a decent chart template. 

  • What are the common flowchart symbols?

      According to LucidChart, these are some of the common symbols in a flowchart:

      1. Process symbol - A square represents this symbol. It means process, function, or action. 

      2. Connector symbol - A circle represents this symbol. This connects various elements in a page. 

      3. Comment/Note symbol - A bracket usually represents this symbol. It means that the range under this symbol needs explanation or comments. 

  • Can a flowchart still be revised?

      Yes, a flowchart can still be revised. The first draft is not always the final one. But you have to make sure that you and your team can come up with the final process of your project before making the flowchart. 

  • How do other fields make use of flowcharts?

      In education, teachers use flowcharts to simplify a complicated lesson and break down each learning point effectively. In business, flowcharts are effective when developing a business plan. Websites also use flowcharts to improve their system. 

  • Can flowcharts increase efficiency at work?

      Yes, flowcharts increase efficiency at work. This tool allows people to understand every task at hand.