How to Create an IT Flowchart Templates In Google Docs?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and IT (Information Technology) jobs will grow by 12 percent from 2018 to 2028. This is considerably higher than the average rate of other jobs and implies that the IT industry is undeniably booming. With that, a lot of projects and innovations are now being processed. Flowcharts are the best tool in explaining the processes of these IT-related projects.

If you need some ideas in making one, read our list of tips below.

1. Determine the Need

Flowcharts can be utilized in various forms. When you want to use one, you have to determine why you need it. Flowcharts are useful for making an IT project timeline, preparing an outline of a particular software process, and elaborating a complex IT data. Having your flowchart's purpose allows you to come up with possible flowchart content.

2. Keep it Minimal

Always keep your chart design to a single page. Utilize every tool that you can find in Google Drive, such as shapes, borders, and lines. This helps you simplify data. Make sure to maintain consistency in spacing and alignment of these tools when making the chart. That way, people can easily follow your diagram once you present it.

3. Take Advantage of Colors

Colors signify meaning and attention and you should use them in your IT process flowchart. If you are creating an IT schedule flowchart, utilize a set of colors that highlight your company branding. Stick to it or experiment more to achieve a minimal effect. Having a consistent color palette makes your flowchart more appealing and compelling.

4. Add Finishing Touches

Go over your chart again to see if you missed anything. Put some finishing touches on the sample chart template before finally printing it. You can also make a flowchart or an organizational chart on a spreadsheet, Microsoft Word, or Google Slides.

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