How to Create an IT/Software Organizational Chart in Apple (MAC) Pages?

Fundamentally, an organizational chart or flowchart comprises of both textual and visual elements. With these, it allows you to see your data more engaging and remembering. Otherwise, when mistakenly or inappropriately curated, it instantly loses its quality and then its functions. Particularly for an IT/Software environment, it is highly a must to have a clear understanding of the work relations, employee to employee, team to team, to excel each project with success. Here are our fundamental tips in creating an IT/Software Organizational Chart in Apple (MAC) Pages.

1. Contain in a Single Page

One vital feature that your IT/Software organizational chart must have is absolute user-friendliness to your audiences. It must be easy to read, promptly comprehensible, and no difficulties in recognizing the hierarchy. And to accomplish that, containing your IT/Software organizational chart on a single page is the best way to go. Before beginning the layout, have an end mindset that you can polish this in just a single page layout. Think ahead of how you will configure your organizational chart's elements. Keep it concise yet, fully functional as much as possible.

2. Format Equally

As you build the hierarchy in your IT/Software organizational chart, ensure to maintain uniform sizes and quality to your boxes or other visual elements. More so, make sure that you provide enough or even blank spaces from one another. This is to impose breathability, neatness, and clarity to your IT/Software organizational chart. Nevertheless, you may distinct, at least somehow, the appearances of the boxes for the higher-ups such as project management leaders. In this way, it can help you emphasize who's accountable for who and what. A more vivid marking of work relations becomes more visible.

3. Detail Exactly

In filling out the texts in your IT/Software Organizational Chart, always ensure that these are spelled correctly. On top of that, clearly determine someone's role in the IT/Software management. In jotting these down, you may start by the complete name of the particular employee, then be followed by his or her job title or role. In other cases, if a particular employee has an assistant in his office, you should create a sidebar at the side of his or her textbox in the organizational chart and name the assistant accordingly. If you're a hired third-party to create an organizational chart for such a company, always make a verify your gathered details from them.

4. Include Photos

As mentioned above, your IT/Software Organizational Chart should be easily remembering. Hence, the inputting of pictures is strongly recommendable for that. Tailor the respective photos for each employee, preferably at the top of its textual details. In doing so, make sure that these photos are professionally or, at least, neatly taken. Make sure that the person is wearing appropriate top clothes and has a clear facial recognition. Ideally, white background for such photos is also advisable. Nonetheless, always guarantee that these photos are in high-resolution quality.

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