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How to Create a Job Description in Google Docs

Landing a job in the formal and informal economy requires specific qualifications and requirements that need to be met. A job description is one right way of communication between the recruiters and interested applicants who want to send resumes. It is a document where the essential job requirements and background are stated and enlisted for reference. It is a summary of what the overall job would be, so it needs to be well-written and well-explained.

1. Launch Google Docs to Layout the Document

Open your Google Docs account and start the layout of the document. Allocate sections for the content of the job description document. Using Google Docs will help you achieve a clean design and the correct spacing. It is highly suggested that you professional fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. However, you can still add a bit of creativity into the layout by placing colored borders that will attract the attention of everyone. Do remember that simplicity is beauty, especially when making professional documents.

2. State the Job Description

The job background will serve as a summary of the whole document. The description must provide directions to interested individuals and applicants — state all the essential functions and responsibilities in carrying out the job. There are tons of jobs and positions out there that needs to be spelled out correctly for people to comprehend. Most of the world's working population is earning through the informal economy. According to the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO), nearly two-thirds of the global workforce is working without any social protection and security. They want to slowly transition to the formal economy, so as a human resource manager, you should explain to these people that you need them to be an asset.

3. Enumerate the Duties and Responsibilities

After stating the job description, you should also enumerate the duties, roles, and responsibilities of the job. The formal document will be more effective if the responsibilities will be listed down for the applicant or employee's reference. The applicant will have an idea of the workload and the possible tasks that need to be carried out to achieve work goals.

4. List All the Qualifications

All the needed qualifications, such as the educational background, work experience, and knowledge, should also be enumerated. The requirement will set the standard and determine the chances of an applicant for the job posting. The job description must also highlight the skills needed. It will allow the applicants to evaluate themselves if they have enough skills and knowledge to get the job done and help the human resource department convey their needs.

5. State the Work Schedule and Compensation Benefits

Create a picture of the workplace and environment through words and describe the place. Is the job located in an office, in the field, or both? State the work schedule on weekdays and weekends. By telling this information, the applicants can picture themselves and know where and when they would be assigned for the job.

Why is Job Description Important?

To know what job you are signing up for is as important as knowing who you are hiring for a job. You must prepare the job description accurately with complete instructions on the profile, the responsibilities, etc. The document is extremely important for aspiring candidates because:

  • It lets them decide if they can take the responsibilities
  • It makes them aware of the working hours, duties, wages, etc.
  • It lets them check if they have the required degrees.
  • It helps them prepare for jobs of the like.

Therefore, to ensure the best applications for the job, the company authorities must pay special attention to making their job descriptions will all the relevant details.

Who Creates Job Description in a Company?

Creating a job profile or description is essentially the task of the Human Resources department. However, it is best if the HR department consults with the specific department where the vacancy is for more information. The complete idea can be gathered if a person working in the same position is consulted. However, the qualifications, abilities, and experience required are the sole decision of the higher authorities and recruiters.

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