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How to Make a Job Description in Word?

A job description is used by companies and businesses to hire employees for specific job positions. This specifies the expectations the company has for the job position. This document includes a description of the work, job position responsibilities, the skills required by the position, and the job qualifications.

If your company is looking for a potential employee to embody a certain job position, you can use these steps to make your own effective job description:

1. Choose a Software to Work On

In order to make your work easier, you can choose from the different software that you have. You can use Microsoft Word to make your job description since this software is very accessible and easy to use in making a formal document. Another thing, you can look for examples of job descriptions as your guide. You can also check and download a template above for easy use.

2. Start with a Job Title

In the first part, you need to put a specific job position. Do not use any jargon that may confuse the readers. Just write the job position on top. For example, "Chief Audit Executive Job Description", "Accountant Job Description", "Machine Operator Job Description", or "Office Assistant Job Description". You can have it in boldface so that it will get the attention of your potential employee.

3. Job Summary

A job summary outlines the scope of the job, the lists of the duties that a job requires, and to whom a job reports to. Remember to pretend that people have no background about the job. To start your job summary, you can start with the scope of the job. What is the job all about? What is its goal? Include the job background. You don't have to write a long paragraph about it, all you have to do is to include all the important details about the job.

The next step is to write the duties and responsibilities of the job. Start your list with the most important duty and finish on the least important duty. When writing this, you need to begin with a verb. For an office manager, you can write, "Commits to team effort by achieving relevant results as needed." Another thing, use a gender-neutral language unless you are looking for a specific gender to do the job.

4. Job Qualifications

Job qualifications focus on a person's educational background, work experiences, personal characteristics, licenses, and skills. When you write this, make sure that you are very specific. For the educational background, you can write what specific bachelor's degree a person should have to be hired or you can also say that you are looking for someone who graduated with a course related to business or marketing. It's really up to you. Another, for personal characteristics, just write down all the personality traits that you are looking for. For example, you can write, "Must be very approachable so that others can easily talk about any issues regarding work".

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