How to Create a Job Offer Letter in Microsoft Outlook

According to Glassdoor for Employer, there are at least five things that candidates consider before taking a job offer, namely, salary and compensation, career growth, schedule, location, and company culture. These things are in sequence, so you can check whether or not your company have these all ready for the applicant. If you got them right, it is now time to create a job offer letter. And to help you better, we provided steps below that will surely help you create the most exceptional letter template for the best men and women in the field.

1. Inform the Applicant Verbally

An excellent job offer letter does not appear out of thin air. No. It starts with a personal and verbal offer. So, for your first step, you should inform the applicant about the job offer you have for them. Make sure that they also have a copy of a job description in which they can ascertain that they are ready for the job.

2. Consider Sending an Email

After the personal offer, you should try sending an email note together with some attachments that can help the person decide whether the job is for him or her. The person must have a sense of acceptance when it comes to these things to function well.

3. Create a Job Offer Draft

With everything set, you can start creating a draft of the letter. The format is the same as any other letter, so no pressure. Make sure that you have the contact information, the job details, the compensation, benefits, and others. Communication is necessary, especially if you are hiring specialists such as engineers and inspectors. Remember to use formal words, style, and tone, as well.

4. Have a Specific Deadline

Lastly, you should also indicate the specific deadline for his or her confirmation. Your company wouldn't find it useful if you extended the offer to much and miss out on other applicants. So, act as an employer who appreciates the employee, but just enough.

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