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How to Write a Joint Agreement?

A joint agreement is a kind of property agreement that is designed for two or more parties involved in partaking a certain activity. It usually involves sharing of property or real estate and made as a mutual benefit between the negotiators, whether it is a domestic or international agreement. A joint agreement can be a venture that is willing to take by the companies whom they knew they would not be a disadvantage. Both parties took risks such as financial investment, but it could be a one-way round or both. One dominant company can benefit from the lower company or they can walk away without commitments if it would turn out null and void. 

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A joint agreement is composed of two ways to set up. One is two of you will make your own company and join the agreement through the new entity. Second, you and your partner can enter into a mutual agreement. Here, you two would set up agreements regarding the joint agreement. Joint agreement is usually advantageous as the two of the party involved can provide the needed requirements into the agreement. If you are working for a joint agreement but do not have any clue about it, scroll down as you will read tips on how to write an effective joint agreement.

1. Introductions

The introduction should be provided with a brief introductory section of pieces of information about the contract agreement. Introductions are usually formatted with whereas statements that state the whole context of the agreement. The introduction must also introduce the people or organizations involved in the binding. 

2. Provide Important Details

After the introductory section, state the important defined terms to be used in the agreement. It provides clarity to your basic agreement in defense with the possible vagueness of it. However, do not define simple and unimportant words as it can cause confusion. 

3. State Business Intention

The development of your joint agreement starts in stating your business intentions. This section will help both parties to understand the scope and purpose of the joint agreement. Also, check your main purpose in agreeing to the joint.

4. Explain Each Role and Responsibility

The joint agreement must be managed in a manner agreed by both the parties. The policy in the governance of the simple agreement must be laid out clearly and concisely. Regardless of who will have custody to govern the whole agreement, the following should be discussed: how will the management be chosen, how can the members be removed, how many members in each party, how often the meeting will take place, how will the information be reported, etc. 

5. Lay Out Each Party's Contribution

In order to have a binding business agreement, one must have a contribution. Mining of contribution is discouraged as it is unfair to another party. You and your partner must decide as to what you will contribute based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

6. Determine How the Money Will Be Shared

In profits, it is not usually equally divided. If your investment is 25% of the total contribution, then you will get the 25% profit of the joint. In losses also, you will partake 25% of the total loss of the sample agreement.

7. Create Resolutions

A resolution is a transportation for a successful agreement. You need to make a layout of the process of solving the dispute because the simplest dispute can tear the agreement apart. A dissolution agreement can also be a part of such joint agreements.

8. Include Contract Termination Procedure

Every relationship has an ending and so does a joint agreement. You can choose various ways as to how to terminate the agreement if necessary. Also, include that the contract will be terminated if one of the parties will breach the contract.