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How to Create a Kitty Party Invitation in Illustrator

With everything sent and done digitally today, traditional invitation cards are starting to become obsolete. Even social media platforms are capable of producing customizable digital invitations in less than a minute. But, if you are still in touch with what's traditional, then here are some tips on how you can create your very own tangible invitation in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Choose Your Card's Dimensions

Start the process by deciding how big or small your invitations should be. There are tons of sample invitation card dimensions that you can choose from. Choose one that not only accommodates your contents well but will also have a corresponding envelope.

2. Use a Decorative Typography

Decorative typography contributes to the card's overall theme and aesthetic look. For your kitty party invitation card, choose the appropriate typography or font that matches the creative invitation card's youthful vibe. Feel free to mix and match different fonts for as long as you don't use more than three in the end.

3. Get the Information Right the First Time

Your invitation's main focus is the information it holds. These include the celebrant or honoree's name, the address where the party will be held, the time and date of the party, and the kitty-themed dress code. If you want to have a clearer picture on the number of guests, you can include an RSVP with your invitation.

4. Provide White Space

We tend to neglect simplicity in our cards when we get too carried away with the decorations. Avoid crowding your card with colors, text, images, and illustrations by leaving room for white space. This will help make your party invitations look clean and also direct the reader's attention towards the essential information.

5. Place inside an Envelope

Invitation cards are best paired with envelopes. Like what has been previously mentioned, your card's dimensions must have a corresponding envelope. There are so many envelopes available in the market, you may even make one yourself if time is on your side.

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