How To Create a Kitty Party Invitation in Apple Pages

Basically, any party can have any theme. In general, these are referred to as themed parties, and the only thing separating them from other parties is that the guests are strongly encouraged to dress according to what's being specified in the invitation. Here, we'll be focusing solely on kitty parties, and we've got guidelines below to help you create the corresponding invitations cards.

1. Make a List of Guests

It's always best to start off knowing how many people to invite and who these people are. By doing so, you'll know how many invitations to print, how big the venue needs to be, and an estimated amount for the food or catering services. So, prepare a list of the guests before moving to the next step.

2. Be Concise in Giving Details

Make the content short and sensible. Most people prefer details that don't beat around the bush and are straightforward. Indicate the essentials, including the schedule and venue. If you wish to add more to your invitations, you can write a personalized message or an inspirational quote to set up the mood.

3. Give a Clean Layout

Since you're done setting your guest list and preparing the details, the next logical step is to create the layout. An overly creative layout may mislead the reader's attention away from the party invitation's content. Make sure the details are center-aligned and add some white space to make the layout look clean.

4. Proofread Your Invitation Card

Although kitty invitations are unlike formal or business invitations, it still deserves to be proofread to ensure that all details are correct. Set aside a few minutes to go over the content to check for misspelled words and incorrect details. This will also prevent the risk of misinforming readers.

5. Invest in High-Quality Paper

Don't settle for low-quality stationery for printing your invitations. Invest in durable and high-quality card stock because invitation cards should be more than just for getting people to attend the party. Some people enjoy holding on to event invitations as a keepsake or souvenir.

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