How to Design a Kitty Party Invitation in Microsoft Office Word

Americans love their pet so much that even parks and parlors are made exclusively for them. However, the number of pets these people own is not clear. Based on the data posted by The Washington Post, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reported that 68 percent of the American household owned pets in 2016. This result is the highest report to be ever recorded. The results comprise 90 million dogs and 94 million cats, the report said. In contrast with APPA, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) currently released a survey result that shows 57 percent of households owned some pets at the end of 2016. The overall number of pets was 77 million dogs and 58 million cats—an increase from the results in 2011, The Washington Post added.

Some found their love for cats and dogs when they were younger, while others when they are an adult. Whichever, what's important is we show them our affection. If you are to organize a kitty party, you need to make an invitation beforehand. Read below for tips in making an invitation using Microsoft Office Word.

1. Make the Invitation Appealing

If you want to make a simple invitation card appealing, you have to commit to providing it with a bunch of good design elements. Do not worry because picking the right design elements is not as hard as you think. Begin with knowing the necessary parts of an invitation, which includes a header, content, and presentation. Once you learned all these, proceed to choose the graphics and visual components. Remember that you will be creating an invitation for a kitty party, which means your feline friends should be pleased with the design. That said, incorporate cute and bright design components. It is safe to stick with not so many design components, so it won't be hard for you to decide as you finish the event invitation.

2. Choose the Perfect Theme

The theme is the core of the invitation. Whatever event you attend, there is always a theme. That said, you are obligated to pick a theme for your invitation card. As you already know, it is easier to stick to a minimal theme so that you won't have a hard finishing the card. These are some of the themes you can choose: summer, floral, hello kitty, formal, or simple. You only need to pick one from the choices.

3. Select the Right Color Scheme

You may think that choosing the color scheme is part of the design component, but it is more than that. According to the study, colors have a psychological effect on people. That said, it is important to pick the right color scheme for your invitation card. It can help in setting the tone of your event. And it can excite your audience about the event that is about to happen.

4. Incorporate High-Quality Images

Images can enhance the presentation of a simple invitation. Though it is optional to include pictures in the invitation, with images, you can improve the overall appearance of the card. Take note that putting images can help represent your card. So, focus on making the card as presentable as possible. More so, images compel many symbols, and it would help to deliver the message you to convey to your readers.

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