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How to Design an Organizational Chart

According to BrightHR, company hierarchies are important for good management and accountability. A properly organized company positions will make it easy to pinpoint who is responsible for what. Thus ensuring the staff will do their jobs. You can explain how the company is organized by learning how to create organizational charts. You can learn how to create organizational charts with the help of the tips we provided below.

1. Plan the Layout of the Organizational Chart

If you wish to make the organizational chart easy to understand, you have to plan the layout well and organize the contents of the chart properly. Refer to the hierarchy of staff when planning for the chart.

2. Identify the Company Positions

Know the company's positions so that you can organize them based on their hierarchy—for example, the managers of the different departments. Arrange them based on the hierarchy and explain the responsibilities of the position concisely.

3. Gather the Names of the Position Holders

Gather the names of the employees that hold various positions in the company. Take note of what jobs they hold so that you can place them in their corresponding position in the chart.

4. Organize the Contents of the Chart According to the Layout

With your layout serving your main reference, organize the contents of the chart based on how you planned them in the layout. Place the names according to their corresponding job position and where they belong in the hierarchy of staff.

5. Use Graphic Design Applications

Make the design of the chart easier by using graphic design applications like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Use the tools that these applications offer to make the chart more presentable.


  • What's an organizational chart?

      A company's organizational chart is a graphical representation of a company's hierarchy. It explains the relationships of positions to one another.

  • How do organizational charts work?

      1. Organizational charts explain how the positions are related.
      2. It allows clarity of the responsibilities of each position.
      3. It allows for accountability.
      4. It encourages competence and better performance from the employees.
  • What elements make a good organizational chart?

      1. A good organizational chart is easy to understand.
      2. It is visible from a specific distance.
      3. It is organized based on the hierarchy.
      4. The positions are explained concisely.
  • What can you use to create organizational charts?

      There are several applications you can use to design an organizational chart. Applications like Microsoft Publisher and Powerpoint are sufficient for making an organizational chart. However, if you want the organizational chart to be presentable, you can use graphic design applications like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.