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How to Create a Large Organizational Chart in Google Docs

In 1855, organizational charts were first referred to as a diagram of the structure of an organization exhibiting the hierarchy or division of administrative duties and presenting the number of employees engaged per department. Until now, this useful tool is among the first diagrams that the management team must create after the establishment of the organization. To make your chart creation easier, here are some simple tips that will help you.

1. Utilize a Single Page

If you are tasked to create a company organizational chart for your office, you need to fit it on a single page. To do this, arrange the top portion of the chart horizontally, while the bottom vertically, to fit many boxes on a single page.

2. Put People with Similar Position Into One Box

As compared to assigning one person in their own box, grouping people with similar positions into one box saves a huge space so you can fit as many boxes as possible. For example, under the QA head company position, you can put all quality analysts in one box instead of separating them into different boxes. However, you must put different positions, treasurer, auditor, and secretary, into separate boxes when creating management organizational chart.

3. Be Organized

You must keep your office organizational chart in order so that the viewers can easily understand your system. To do so, you must ensure that the boxes are of the same size and the spaces between them are the same. The job title must be presented above the name as org charts define the structure and not the names of those who are in the position.

4. Create Links for Large Charts

Since you are creating a large and complex organizational chart, it might be challenging to fit all the positions into one paper. As a remedy, you can break the organization up into small-sized org charts and link them together to form a large chart. For example, you can only present the different departments and create a link for their respective structures.

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