How To Create A Large Organizational Chart In Microsoft Word

According to the United States Census Bureau, large companies employed a total of 59.9 million people in 2012. Now, a large company can be hard to manage. Its employees might get confused as to who they should report to whenever a question arises. For that, you need an organizational chart. It allows you to visually present the hierarchy and relationship of positions and responsibilities within your large organization.

Below is a guide that will help you create an organizational chart for your company in Word.

1. Gather the Names

To start, gather the names of positions, departments, and employees. List them down by group and by level, so you won't get confused when you supply the information to the chart later.

2. Choose a Structure

Next, you must choose a structure for your organizational chart. Vertical or horizontal? Many people choose vertical, but for a big company like you who has a lot of employees, you should combine both vertical and horizontal structures so your org chart wouldn't look too big or too long.

3. Pick a Template

After that, pick an organizational chart template. It's best that you use a template since it already contains content and layout, allowing you to quickly and easily craft an org chart.

4. Supply the Data

It's time to supply the data to your template. Ideally, you start by putting the CEO on top and work your way to the bottom. The title should be on top of the chart, and your company logo on top of the title.

5. Validate and Print the Chart

Finally, review your simple chart and present it to the upper management for validation and approval. And once everything is set, produce both digital and printed copies. You should post one in a visible area in your office for your employees to familiarize.

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