How to Make a Law Firm Flowchart in Google Docs

In 2013, the U.S. legal services industry generated 256.66 billion dollars in revenue, according to Statista. For one, this analysis can be quite impressive, particularly from an investor's perspective. But with its growth comes the responsibility to provide quality service to its clients. To do that, you'll need a functional business flow diagram. Learn how you can make one with the steps provided below.

1. Create a Strategy

Do some thorough research before you start creating the flowchart. Understand your competition and thoroughly think about how you can make it functional and effective for you. Make sure to jot down important notes. From there, slowly create an efficient strategy from the essential key data that you have gathered.

2. Identify the Sort

There are different types of flowcharts, and all of them have different purposes. From document flowcharts, system flowcharts, and data flowcharts, your choices are eternal. Decide what type of flowchart would work best for you. If you want to simplify the paralegal and legal process flow inside your law firm, then process maps are your best options.

3. Visualize its Structure

In drafting the structure of the flowchart, keep it precise and concise. Make sure to observe consistency and uniformity from the first process down to the last one. Take reference from reliable sources if you are quite doubtful. It will also be a strategic move on your end if you integrate your branding logo on the topmost part.

4. Add Colors

Add some visual interest in the flowchart by incorporating it with light colors. Just like organizational charts, you may also put these colors on either the margins or to emphasize its essential details. However, don't overdo your designs. Try to tone them down and keep them as neat and sleek as they can be.

5. Make Room for Adjustments

Creating formal documents may come with a lot of mistakes and errors. Now, you don't possibly want that, do you? Thus, it's always important to review and create immediate changes to the identified errors. Check it twice if you're entirely uncertain or perhaps, have someone check it and review it for you.

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