Daily operations in a law firm need careful and critical thinking. From the easiest to the most complicated tasks, every single step to achieving it must be done carefully. To help you plan your tasks, we offer our Law Firm Flowchart Templates in Publisher! Each template is 100% editable and customizable, so there's no need to start from scratch. Print the template in A4 and US Letter Sizes after utilizing its original content and artwork. Planning actions to finish a complex task is not a hassle with our templates. Get better deals when you sign up for our subscription plans today!

How to Create a Law Firm Flowchart in Publisher

Statista said that the United States has 206 law firms with more than 500 employees in 2017. With this fair number, these firms have a lot of work on their hands. Flowcharts are useful tools for planning and addressing the cases they handle. It provides a clear illustration of the tasks to do from beginning to end. If you want to make one in Microsoft Publisher, read our helpful tips below.

1. Get Info

Get as much information as you can on a particular task or case. Take some notes on the most crucial information that could be used to draw out a solution in the flowchart. While you're taking down notes, you should already have an idea in making the flowchart.

2. Organize Tasks

From your notes, think of a list of solutions that you can use to address the case. Make an outline of tasks and the people who should handle it. These assignments can change depending on the situation or not.

3. Add Details

Open a blank document in Publisher and put the information from your list. Use rectangles to enclose these tasks and connect them with an arrow. Add colors and company logo to make your template less plain-looking and more modern.

4. Check the Document

Review your document and add missing details if there are any. Make some last minute polishing on technical parts of the flowchart, such as the infographics and other graphic design elements.

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