Whether you run a large or small law firm, optimal staff performance is imperative. One key element of this includes staffing organization, which is achieved partly through an organizational chart. By utilizing the visuals of an organogram, managing legal teams and other personnel is much easier. So, for quick document creation, consider downloading one of our professional Law Firm Organizational Chart Templates! Observe typical and proper company leadership by using our original samples. These templates are compatible with Google Docs, providing you with online customization that’s simple and effective. Go ahead and download today--keep your law business’s structure in tiptop condition by incorporating our easily editable content!

How to Make a Law Firm Organizational Chart in Google Docs

As described by Investopedia (an online resource for business and finance), an organizational chart represents the worker hierarchy within an entire company or a single department, using basic yet intuitive visuals to achieve this. So, be it as a small private practice or a large corporate firm, an organizational chart is essential when sorting out your business’ staff positions.

Are you unfamiliar with how a law firm organizational chart is made in Google Docs? Don’t sweat it--simply check out our tips (below) and you’ll be good to go in no time!

1. Incorporate Google Docs’s Drawing Tool

When it comes to putting together an organizational chart in Google Docs, taking advantage of the Drawing feature is always a good idea.

Access it by first going to Insert > Drawing and then selecting New. With that, a smaller window pops up within the Google Docs environment. This secondary window is where most of the diagram creation is done.

2. Your Law Firm Organizational Chart’s Title

Start building up your document by giving it a name or title.

In the drawing window’s upper toolbar, click the Text Box option (the letter T icon). Next, place the new text box somewhere at the top of your drawing area. With the text box selected, type in a title that’s fairly descriptive about the organizational chart--such as “Legal Academic Department” or “Law Firm Administration Department,”

If your text box needs resizing, then simply click-drag one of the nodes found on its sides and corners. For repositioning, click-drag the text box itself to where you want it.

3. Creating Shapes for Your Law Firm Organizational Chart

One of the key components of any organizational chart is the shapes (or “text bubbles”). These shapes contain the names and positions of people within the hierarchy. Start with the person possessing the most authority in the structure.

In the drawing window’s above toolbar, open the Shape menu, which is located to the left of Text Box. In that menu, pick either a rectangular or oval shape and then insert it into the drawing area. Adjust and type in it similarly to how it’s done with the text box. Proceed with the other members and their own text bubbles.

4. Place Lines In-Between Your Shapes

Along with your shapes, there’s also the matter of interconnecting lines, which portrays the hierarchical chain between individuals.

Open the Select Line menu (next to Shape) and select one of the choices. Position the lines in all the necessary spots, making them connect the appropriate shapes. Click-drag one of the nodes of a line to adjust its length.

And with that, you should have no problem making an organizational diagram from now on! Feel free to come back if you need to do a review or need to download one of our Law Firm Organizational Chart Templates!

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