Lawyer Job Descriptions Templates

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What Is a Lawyer Job Description?

A lawyer job description contains enumerated lists of the skills and qualifications required to be able to pursue a lawyer career. Other than that, it also summarizes the job and elaborates on the specific duties and responsibilities.  

How to Create a Lawyer Job Description

The impact of a lawyer's work can shape the outcomes of civil cases and business-related legal actions, which extensively affects people involved in such situations. So to keep the clients of your law firm satisfied with the results of their cases, your law firm must only hire the best lawyers. The first thing you need to do to achieve that is to establish an official job description. Below is our guide in creating an excellent lawyer job description.          

1. Emphasize the Job Title

There are multiple kinds of lawyer jobs. That said, you must emphasize what sort of lawyer job the job description document is about. 

2. Summarize the Job 

As a preview for what a qualified employee will do in the lawyer position, you must write a short summary of the job. Around 50-60 words will do. Make sure to include the most important responsibility of the said lawyer position. 

3. Provide a Short Overview of the Firm

Applicants have the right to know about the company or firm they'll be applying for. In that case, the lawyer job description must have at least a short overview of your law firm.  

4. Funnel the Duties, Skills, and Qualifications 

When listing down the duties, skills, and qualifications of the lawyer position, make sure to enumerate them in a funneled order. List them from the most important to the least important. In doing so, the job description document will be more organized and easy to comprehend.  

5. State the Salary and Benefits 

For sure, interested prospective applicants will want to know the salary package and employee benefits of your law firm. So to attract them to apply, it's best to provide brief details about the salary and benefits on the job description.  


  • What Is the Salary Range of Lawyers? indicates that the annual salary of lawyers ranges from $70,000 to $171,00. The average was calculated to be around $107,000. 

  • What Are the Qualifications to Be a Lawyer?

      The following are the necessary credentials to become a lawyer:

      1. Bachelor's degree in any course
      2. Juris Doctor (JD) degree. 
      3. Lawyer certification
      4. Lawyer license via lawyer bar exam

  • What Are the Types of Lawyers?

      Theses are the different kinds of lawyers:

      1. Family Lawyer
      2. Divorce Lawyer
      3. Property Lawyer
      4. Corporate Lawyer
      5. Criminal Justice Lawyer
      6. Employment Lawyer
      7. Immigration Lawyer
      8. Bankruptcy Lawyer

  • What Lawyer Jobs Pay the Most?

      These are the top five highest-paying lawyer jobs with their corresponding average annual salary:

      1. Medical Lawyer ($151,000)
      2. IP Lawyer ($141,00)
      3. Trial Lawyer ($101,000)
      4. Tax Lawyer ($99,700)
      5. Corporate Lawyer ($99,000) 

  • Are Lawyers Financially Stable?

      When you look at various statistics about the salaries of lawyers, you can definitely say that they receive a handsome amount of money. That said, a lawyer can be financially stable. However, just like other jobs, it all boils down to how an individual manages his/her financial resources.   

  • What Is the Distinction Between a Lawyer and an Attorney?

      In a sense, both a lawyer and an attorney basically function similarly. A lawyer is often defined as an individual with formal training in the field of law and provides accurate legal advice on civil matters. On the other hand, an attorney is an individual with the license to represent a client during a court hearing.