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What Is an Offer Letter?

A letter is a means of communication in both work and our personal lives. It is a message that is traditionally written by hand but has since evolved to being printed on paper since the arrival of machines that aid us. A letter is a formal document that is sent by a company or university to an applicant.

How to Make an Offer Letter in Apple Pages?

Writing letters has changed over the course of many years from traditional writing to printing with machines and now using digital format. The traditional method is still being practiced, however many people would often opt for using computer programs as it is easier to send through email or printing. The most common program is Microsoft Word. However, people who use Apple products like Mac, iPhones, or iPads will find that they have Apple Pages. In this article, we will take a look at steps that you need to follow in order to create a successful offer letter.

1. Types of Letters

We will be making an offer letter, however, we are first going to take a look at different kinds of letters that often get mistaken for the other. Offer letters are usually sent by the recruitment team in a company or a university who sees potential in you. A job letter is sent as an application letter for a position. Recommendation letters are written and sent by a former employer or teach to recommend an individual's performance, work or academic-wise.

2. The Format

An offer letter is written in a similar manner to that of a business or formal letter. You need to begin with the letterhead at the center top of the letter. You can include your logo in the header. It's followed by information of the person who is receiving the letter such as the name and address. Next is the body of the letter. This is where the content is found. To conclude the letter, you need to put the information about the sender.

3. The Offer

In your offer letter, you will want to begin with the title of the position that they have been accepted into as well as the responsibilities that come with it. Mention the tasks that they will have to accomplish and do so in concise details to let them understand what is expected. Include a part that gives them their monthly salary and the schedule of the payment. A yearly salary should also help convince them. For university offers, they mostly act as either an acceptance letter or a recommendation letter.

4. The Benefits

Another important element you need to add to your letter is a list of the benefits that they will be getting. For work, you will need to indicate whether they have health insurance, loans, and holiday, birthday, or sick leaves. University offers usually state the scholarship or funding that the student will be receiving.

5. Send the Letter

When you've finished making your letter, review your content to make sure that you didn't leave any important detail out or make any errors (grammatical or typographical). If you do find, fix them immediately. When you're finished, you can either send it via email or you can send a hard copy. If you choose the latter, you will have to put it into an envelope and have it ready to be sent.

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