Conveying gratitude in a formal way is done through thank you letters. From being as simple as thanking someone for a gift down to being thankful to an employer for hiring you, thank yous play an integral part of the whole process of showing gratitude. This in turn provides opportunities and open doors to even better things to come.

For most people, getting an interview for a job position provides enough reason to thank responsible persons for their time. The following are the most common reasons why sending out a thank you letter is a very good idea:

  • When thanking an interviewer for an interview, you provide yourself the chance to be remembered. This also shows genuine interest for the position.

  • Thank you letters also create a venue to connect with the interviewer. They also provide a chance to recall what transpired during the interview and why you are best suited for the job position.

  • A thank you letter is also a way to reinforce or build up on selling your strengths or skills that best suit the position.

  • Thank you letters also can be an avenue to further mention additional skills or strengths that you may not have discussed during the interview.

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