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How to Write a Thank You Letter Using Apple Pages

Thank You letters are another way for us to express our gratitude to someone. According to a survey that shows the importance of thank you notes, 91 percent of employers like being thanked after a job interview increasing the possibilities of an applicant to be hired. Even in events, it won't hurt you to appreciate the participants and volunteers through thank you letters. If you are looking for ideas on how to start one, here some tips and steps for you.

1. Determine the Purpose of the Letter

Thank you letters can come in different formats and purposes. To whom are you giving your message of gratitude? Are you using it for business or personal reasons? Consider questions like this as you plan on writing your letters. Knowing the purpose of your message is essential since the content relies on it.

2. Start Drafting the Salutation

Writing drafts are better than directly making the final letter. Letters should always start with a salutation. Addressing your recipient has a slight difference between business and personal uses. When using a formal letter, you should neutrally greet your recipient. Formal letters usually have "Greetings Mr./Ms....." as a salutation. For personal use, you can write the name of the recipient as a salutation or make use of casual greetings like "Dearest....," and "To my beloved friend....," since it is informal and relaxed. But having "Dear....." as a salutation is the most appropriate since its common in both business and personal letters.

3. Express your Gratitude Through the Content

The body of your message is the highlight of a thank you note. The content is where you will express how grateful you are to your recipient. You can place elaborate on the reasons you appreciate and acknowledge the actions of the receiver. For instance, you are expressing how thankful you are about their participation in an activity or how they have accepted your job application letter. After your appreciation message, don't forget to place a closing remark to let the recipient know who the sender is. A simple "Yours truly" or "Sincerely yours" with your name below will do the job.

4. Edit your Letters Using Apple Pages

When you have your drafts ready, you can now start writing it using Apple Pages. You can easily use this editing program with tools that are convenient to handle. The application is available in any Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhones, and many more so long as it supports Pages.

If you had a hard time drafting your letter from scratch, there are ready-made templates available online that you can freely customize in Pages. These letter templates give you various styles of thank you notes—for sponsorships, employments, job interviews, and a lot more. Since it has editable content, you can quickly replace and fill in the details that match your preferences.

5. Send your Thank You Letters.

Once you have printed your editable letter templates, you can now proceed to send them off. Getting them printed on high-quality paper will make it look more professional and presentable. You can also send your letters online through email for you to save money and time.

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