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Create a Good Impression After a Business Interview or Job Interview Using's Free Thank You Letter Word Templates! You Can Use Our Examples to Show Gratitude to Donors for Gifts, Donations, and Scholarships. You Can Edit Our Documents, Too. So, Download a Letter and Send It, Like a Card!See more

How to Create Thank-You Letters in Microsoft Word

A thank-you letter, also known as a letter of thanks, is a type of letter that expresses gratitude and appreciation to another person. It can be personal and creative or business and formal. The first type is typically handmade thank-you letter which is made personally for a friend, a relative, or a loved one. While the latter is used for business, and it needs to be written formally. Often, business thank-you letters are also called as letters of gratitude. 

In making a thank-you letter, be it for personal or business use, our ready-made thank-you letter templates can save you from hassle and stress. You don’t need to start from scratch. Simply follow the steps that we have provided for you below to get your job done. 

1. Choose Your Thank-You Letter Template

It makes it easy for us to make appreciation cards or letters for someone when we have ready-made templates already. At, a comprehensive list of letter templates, including thank-you letters, acknowledgment letters, job application letters, resignation letters, request letters, and many more,  are provided for you to save you from the time-consuming drafting process. You only have to choose which template are you going to use and download it to customize.  

2. Edit the Details to Personalize

In making a thank-you letter more personal, you have to provide essential details like the name of the addressee, your name, the date, etc. The templates are fully customizable and easily editable in all versions of Microsoft Word, so there’s no problem with changing a bit of the preformatted content provided for you. If you haven't downloaded any software yet such as Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, try to get Microsoft office for free on your mobile or laptop. Using your personal computer, you can easily edit it with ease and convenience. 

3. Add a Quote to a Personal Message

In writing personal thank-you letters, we are more likely to incorporate a quote or a verse to add flavors to our message. A quote can be motivational or inspirational, depending on the intention of the thank-you cards. You may also add a photo or an artwork to your cards.

4. Add a Logo (for Business Thank-You Letters)

Business cards and thank-you letters need to be formal in character, although it contains a slightly sweet thank-you message. It has to be professionally-written, and a business logo should be added to the letter itself to personalize it. In this letter, a signature on top of the name of the sender is also appropriate. 

5. Mind the Tone of Your Letter

The tone of the message may vary. In general, we already have given you the two types of thank-you letters. However, there are other purposes to which a thank-you letter is provided. Regardless, it’s always better to write our appreciation creatively or straightforwardly with the use of a sample of thank-you letters on our website.