People can relate to different lifestyles even if they have not experienced some of them. This is also applicable to lifestyles that are relatable such as those that people see on television or on reading materials. Reading and seeing other lifestyles tend to influence the audience and make them want to apply it to themselves. The best way to share this with others is by compiling it in a lookbook. Here, we have Lifestyle Lookbook Templates in Adobe InDesign that you can download anytime, anywhere. These easily editable templates will help you make a lookbook that's revolutionary. Don't waste time, download a template now!

How to Make a Lifestyle Lookbook in InDesign

One can simply define lifestyle as a way a person chooses to live his or her life. With that said, a lot of people can relate to lifestyle photos, especially if they are relatable because of experience. Whether your business is into fashion or interior design, you can use photography to boost your sales and add them to your lifestyle lookbook. Feel free to read through the lookbook tips below.

1. Use Images that Capture Realistic Moments

Since you're focusing on lifestyle to sell your products, you have to capture real moments and turn them into art through photography. Make sure that the images highlight the products that you're trying to sell.

2. Use High-Quality Pictures

Whether you're making a fashion, branding, or food lookbook, you should know that the pictures used play essential roles. The images used should take center stage, and every single one should be beautiful, appropriate, and high-quality.

3. Be Consistent with the Design

The layout of your lifestyle lookbook should look similar from page to page. This is to create consistency which can leave an impact on your customers and help them get familiar with the content. The elements that need to be consistent include the font, colors, and spacing.

4. Provide Short Descriptions of the Products

You can play with words on this part, but be sure to keep it appropriate to the topic. You can describe the products using engaging and descriptive language. By engaging, make sure it can persuade people to find the products interesting and eventually buy it.

5. Keep It Simple

Your lifestyle lookbook shouldn't have a lot of things going on inside it. Having too many elements will only make the layout distracting and draw the reader's attention away from the content. Put minimal designs while still making the lookbook beautiful.

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