Trusting to handle with care and move without delay. These characteristics are one of the primary principles of any logistics department or company. Are you working in one? Smoothen the flow of your work all the more with our Logistics Flowchart templates. These flowchart templates are available for free in A3, A4, and US letter paper sizes and portrait and landscape orientation style. They are also fully editable in Google Docs. Include this tool as part of your company's development plan for your logistics team. Make your team unstoppable in giving logistics services with these guides for unstoppable work productivity now!

How to Create a Logistics Flowchart In Google Docs

You can see many things attended by different people in a logistics warehouse. All people are responsible for specific tasks and pass on their outputs to make the workflow of the next section of the logistics team moving. Wishing the logistics tasks to be carefully handled by the team? Create a logistics flowchart for your team now by following the guide process below.

1. Import the Logistics Procedures

Map the flow of the supply chain process. Give labels to the procedures involved in acquiring the supplies to the production until it reaches the users. What are the steps that need to be complied to accomplish a package delivery, an ecommerce order process, and other logistics jobs? Import the details of the logistics procedures from your firsthand experience of the logistics task from the beginning until the end or from a logistics personnel. You can also draft a process flow for organized logistics management especially if you are a startup company. Keep the flow controllable at your hands.

2. Distribute the Process Flow in a Chart

Ready a chart with shapes following one after the other forming a chain. Get the shapes in Google Docs when you draw new objects in its new document. A dialog box will appear to cater to your chart needs. Create the correct number of shapes to fit the logistics procedures. And prepare to stretch it in a bit. Get your flowchart done in an instant by downloading our free logistics flowchart templates that are compatible with Google Docs for modification. Distribute the process flow of the logistics procedures conveniently with our templates.

3. Scrutinize the Logistics Operation

Scrutinize the laid out logistics procedures on the chart. Are all that is needed to proceed with a shipment or a product delivery shown on the chart? Are all the raw materials prepared for completing any logistics task? If you find any areas where there might be a problem while on the job, make action plans for the positive and negative responses of the customers, supplier company, and production plant. The flowchart contents will be complete this way because it will be able to serve its purpose. Prepared steps to take when faced with different feedbacks that will help your logistics team to be productive every day.

4. Export the Flowchart

Do the packaging of the flowchart. Pack it with customizations that will surely please whoever will be handed out with it. Filling the shapes is better than just filling its outlines because the differences are more recognizable this way. What were the original logistics procedures that you convened at the very beginning? Pick a color for them. What were those procedures that involved split-half points? Shade them with another color. Get the chart more ready for delivery in the hands of the logistics staff by formatting the font sizes and styles to make the texts easy to read. Then the flowchart is ready for exporting from the chart manufacturing factory to its designated distribution centers.

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