What Is a Lunch Voucher?

This refers to a type of coupon or gift card used by restaurants (and other similar establishments) for promoting themselves.

As stated by the National Restaurant Association (a global trade organization), the majority of diners prefer paying for the quality of their experience over that of the food itself. And so, due to that fact, marketing material like vouchers are highly recommended.

How to Make a Lunch Voucher in Apple Pages

From retro-themed pizzerias to hotel buffets, vouchers are good for advertising any restaurant’s daytime offers. And we’ve got tips (below) on how to effectively design your own using Apple Pages!

1. Sizing Your Lunch Voucher Design

One main aspect of vouchers and coupons is their convenient size, making them easy to carry around and use. So, once you have a new document prepared in Apple Pages, prepare a suitable measurement for the print sections. The most ideal dimensions for printing out vouchers are 8.5 x 4 inches. And don’t forget about leaving a small bleed area around each section, which helps prevent errors when printing.

2. Your Lunch Voucher’s Imagery

Something else that makes vouchers so appealing is how much they show off in their compact form! When preparing your lunch voucher’s visuals, incorporate professionally shot photos of your food and drinks.

After adding a photo into the document, adjust it to an appropriate size by click-dragging its side and corner handles. Make further adjustments by double-clicking the image and accessing the masking tool, cropping out enough of the picture so that it fits in each printable section.

3. Using Graphic Designs in Your Voucher

In addition to photos, a custom graphic design is also highly beneficial for your voucher’s aesthetics. However, when it comes to lunch vouchers, it’s important that the design is reserved and doesn’t go overboard with colors. Aim for a simple, classy palette that matches your business’s own look.

4. Writing for Your Lunch Voucher

Besides your voucher design’s appearance, there’s also the matter of its dialog. Working with limited space is tricky, so incorporating taglines and concise writing goes a long way here. And, emphasizing special words and phrases (like “free lunch” or “discount”) make the voucher’s offer that much more appealing to patrons.

So with that, you now have critical knowledge for improving your food and dining coupons. Plus, if you’re looking for 100% customizable material, consider downloading one of our Lunch Voucher Templates!

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