Magazine ads are used by advertisers to reach specific target markets. These print advertisements are either run in local or national magazines. However, US-based periodical publishers are struggling to stay on top of everyone's desk because consumers have become more accustomed to the alternatives offered by the internet. According to Statista, the estimated revenue of magazine publishers in the US have decreased sharply from 46 billion US dollars in 2007 to approximately 28 billion US dollars in 2017. The advent of the internet also affects magazine ads as it does for publications. Still, it is an effective way to promote products and services and create brand awareness.

When it comes to printable magazine ads, people instantly think of the wide-spread, glossy, popular magazines full of known brand advertisers. But it is more than that. If you think that your business does not belong alongside the 'big boys,' that is not the case. Indeed, creating a print ad needs a lot of creativity. Yet, aside from thinking outside the box, it is easier than you think.

Begin by browsing through our collection of Magazine Ads Templates. Using a template for your print ad is more convenient than starting from scratch. With a document like you do not need to learn how to manipulate a raster graphic editor because its suggested content is all you need. Next, download the template that you like. Open Adobe InDesign and start editing your chosen template. You can add design elements to make it more appealing. And do not forget to convey your brand's message to make it stand out.

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