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As an article from Forbes mentioned, advertising affects culture. In the early days before digital marketing, magazine advertisements are one of the many ways to promote a product or a business. If you are looking to create a magazine ad, then you have come to the right place! has a wide selection of magazine ad templates, specific and tailored to your needs all made available in Microsoft Word. We have templates that are specific to the advertisement of brands of products such as food, coffee, and cars to businesses such as fashion houses. 

Thanks to our team of graphic designers, all our templates also have 100% customizability that gives you a lot of free reign in being creative. You can insert images of varying sizes from logos to a full-page print. 

We also have professionally written content prepared on all templates by our team of writers. Apart from that, our templates boast user-friendly features that guarantee you can come up with content for your advertisement. And if you need to change any of the predesigned content, our editor tool in can allow you to accomplish that. Lastly, these templates are compatible with any smart gadgets, granting you access to them with any of your devices.

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