The maintenance manager is responsible for the management of the company’s mechanical systems and building structures.  That is why such a position is crucial to most private companies. To ensure that you hire the best one, you must set a standard of your qualifications. The best way to outline such standards is through a job description. If you don’t have this document yet, you may check our 100% customizable and professionally written Maintenance Manager Job Description Templates. With these templates, you can save a lot of time and avoid the hassle of writing a job description. Subscribe now!

What Is a Maintenance Manager Job Description?

A maintenance manager job description is a detailed document that outlines the manager’s duties and responsibilities and requirements. The job description intends to provide job applicants with an overview of the role. According to WikiJob, a job description is an essential part of the hiring process. The document will help the applicants in making decisions about whether to pursue their application or not.

How to Write a Maintenance Manager Job Description

Writing a job description could be a time-consuming task, especially when you have not written this type of document yet. Don’t worry as we prepared a few tips that you can follow.

1. Specify the Job Title

It is important to specify the job title in the job description. The job title should be at the top of the job description. You can also specify the type of maintenance that the employee will be managing.

2. Write the Job Summary

The job summary is a brief overview of the position. It provides the applicants with a general statement about the essential functions and responsibilities of the position. In this section, the applicants can already conceptualize the job’s role in the organization. Also, you can add a few information about your company and the reasons why you are hiring for the position.

3. Enumerate the Duties and Responsibilities

This section should state the duties and responsibilities of the employee. Use bullet points in this section, and make sure that each duty and responsibility are quite easy to comprehend. Feel free to write the duties and responsibilities without the limitation of word count or spaces, as these are key information in the job description.

4. Write the requirements

Include your qualifications and required skills for the position. Specify the educational attainment, training and seminar, experience, and other similar credentials. Use bullet points in this section and make sure that this section is in list format, not in sentence style.

5. Proofread Your Job Description

The job description will be used for job advertisements and your company’s regulatory compliance. Therefore, you should proofread them first before posting them for job advertising. Remember that your job description will provide the applicant with the necessary information about the position. If there are any grammatical, intricate sentences, and other similar mistakes, it could confuse the applicant and may end up in misunderstanding.

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