How to Write a Manager Job Description in Google Docs

According to Indeed (an online resource that focuses on careers), A well-written job description goes a long way in making a job opening stand out. With a job description’s effectiveness, finding qualified personnel for your management position won’t be much of a problem.

And, don’t worry if you’re not yet familiar with how a manager job description is put together in Google Docs. We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive tips found right below!

1. Specify the Type of Manager You Need

To begin, open a fresh blank document in Google Docs and provide a title at the top. When thinking of what the title should be, include an apt phrase that describes the kind of manager you want. Emulate examples like “Customer Service Manager” and “Restaurant Production Manager.” By incorporating this element, your job description helps draw in people that are fully capable of meeting your specific job demands.

2. Make Managerial Applicants Feel Comfortable with Your Business

In this part, talk a bit about your company or organization. By disclosing some interesting facts, you’re keeping the interest of anyone reading your job description, plus you’re further encouraging them to apply. And there are all sorts of things you can mention--like how long your business has been around or what your company’s work philosophy is.

3. Your Manager Position’s Duties and Compensation

Now it’s time for the more technical side of your job specifications. First, create a list that contains each responsibility that applicants should expect, writing down a short explanation per item. Besides that, describe how this particular position plays a role in your company’s whole operations.

And then there’s also the list for your manager’s various rewards, which is structured the same way as the previous entries. This is where you mention their salary, insurance, and so on.

4. The Manager Job Opening’s Requirements and Employment Process

Next, explain how your potential candidates can apply. Put together another list that points out each of the needed job qualifications. After that, give instructions on how they can submit their resumes and other details about the employment procedure.

And with that, your manager job description is ready to get the attention of any job hunters out there! However, if you need a little more help with your document, then feel free to have a look at our Manager Job Description Templates!

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