How to Create a Managing and Motivating in Google Docs?

Motivation is important to the performance and engagement of employees. Also, it plays a vital role in achieving efficient leadership and management skills. Moreover, it is what causes them to set goals and figure out some ways to achieve them. The target of employee engagement is to develop workers to practice voluntary effort and the most effective way to attain it is by giving them motivation. Therefore, we provide you some tips and techniques in creating a good managing and motivation in Google Docs.

1. Plan Thoroughly

Come up with an efficient plan that will surely motivate your employees. First, conduct an evaluation by personally observing the workplace and the workers. However, you can also create a staff employee self evaluation for a quicker way of examining and figuring out the problem and as well as the answer. Afterward, gather or sort out the data and generate ideas on what measures to take in order to answer the biggest question which is "how to motivate employees effectively?"

2. Decide the Type

Since you already have a plan, the next thing to do is to decide what kind or way of motivation to use. Choose between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. For further understanding, the former is extracted from inner desires such as acknowledgement, happiness, obligations, etc. while the latter is the desire to earn extrinsic rewards or escape punishments, some examples are promotions, bonuses, and such. That said, determine what type of motivation you are going to use in order to boost your employees engagement, performance, and productivity.

3. Begin the Actual Work

Start composing your document by selecting a template that best suits your purpose. Then, determine the other technical aspects of your work such as the orientation and size. Select from A4 and US Letter sizes; moreover, choose between landscape or portrait for the orientation — the latter is highly suggested. However, the landscape orientation is only applicable for surveys that is really needed to be in that orientation.

4. Maintain Professionalism

Always seek for professionalism to set a good example to your employees. Even though it is only a letter or such, bear in mind that each document, products, and even services that you are presenting is a representation of you; thus, ensure that you are maintaining formality in the document that you are making.

5. Content is Key

The real deal here is the content of your document. You need to write meticulously and appropriately. Also, ensure that all the details and components are complete. For example, you are making a letter of congratulations on outstanding achievement, then assure that each element are written perfectly and comprehensively. The components for the said document are the following: date; name of employee; designation; his/her address; formal salutation; body of the letter with a highlight on the award; complimentary close; and your signature, name, position, and the company name.

6. Proofread, Save, and Print

Thoroughly review your document and ensure that the message is clearly conveyed. Moreover, if there are mistakes, edit them immediately. Afterward, save your work and print it neatly and carefully.

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