One of the multitasking professionals we could ever meet is marketing professionals. They organize events left and right. They plan out strategies, perform marketing tasks, and help secure the company sales. With all these in their minds, their schedules must be tight. They even have to work during the holidays just for you to make the most out of it in the hotels and resorts where you check-in and tourist spots you visit. What does the calendar of these amazing professionals look like? Check it out with our Marketing Desk Calendar Templates. If you are a marketing professional, organize your desk calendar in your favorite formats today. Remember deadlines and events right on your desks now!

How to Make a Marketing Desk Calendar?

Marketing organizes many and different events either of their company or clients. With the many things on the list, writing them as note reminders is the most effective way to efficiently manage all the current and upcoming events and other marketing-related tasks. With this, a useful tool will get all your work done even before the deadline. If you are a marketing professional, having a personalized calendar for all your reminders right on your desk is perfect for you. Follow the guide steps and tips below to make one.

1. List Down Marketing Tasks

Make a list of the marketing tasks assigned to you and the team. Note a detailed list of these activities supplemented by their respective deadlines. What are your tasks, what they are all about, what materials you need for them, how will you carry them out, and when are you supposed to finish each? Taking down notes should be the nature of any marketing professional. We will not use all of them for the calendar. The list will serve as a guide in completing your desk calendar. Make titles for each task. They will be the labels that we will be using later on.

2. Prepare a Calendar Template

Find a custom calendar template for the year/s that covers the deadline of your tasks. You can find calendar templates above. They ready for use at any time. Download them for free in the file format of your choice. They are easily editable in any software plus they come with additional features to be a more convenient tool, so grab them quickly now!
If you choose to make the calendar from scratch, organize the calendar in your chosen software. And like any other calendars, dates and days should be tabled in an orderly manner. Column the dates accordingly with the days where they fall under. Check the correctness of your self-made calendar through calendar references.

3. Write Your Reminders

Since we have the list of your marketing tasks ready, you can start locating the deadlines of each task and write the titles you made for them earlier. Once this printable calendar is already printed out, you can handwrite your additional tasks on the calendar. List your additional marketing tasks the same way you did earlier, so you can have your notes as a guide and this calendar as a reminder. Go through the calendar month by month to check if you haven’t failed to include all the tasks noted on your list. Once completed, you are ready for the next and final step.

4. Customize the Calendar

How do you want your marketing calendar to look like? Do you want it customized to a photo calendar? If you will use this as your business calendar for your marketing company as well, you may place your business logo and company promotional products as the calendar design of each page. You can also design it according to the events you have each month. Design the calendar your way. Be a marketing professional of your own calendar. Design a cover page to wrap it up. Use the appropriate paper material for printing then enjoy the convenience and other benefits of this personalized marketing calendar!

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