How to Create a Marketing Flowchart in Google Docs

By utilizing a proper marketing flowchart, you’ll be able to effectively coordinate the details of your research and campaign. And, if you’re in need of an accessible yet reliable program or application for putting together your flowchart, then Google Docs is just the solution you’re looking for!

1. Observe the Market and the Competition

In the ambitious industry of business and commerce, it’s important to keep a close eye on the relevant trends going through your demographic of consumers. Along with that, it’s just as imperative to be aware of your competitors and their own campaigns. Take note of all the key information that you can form a plan around.

2. Discuss the Details and Formulate a Plan

After you’ve gathered enough data from your research, it’s time for you and your marketing team to organize an action plan to carry out. When consulting your team, you should keep in mind any constraints you may face based on available resources and deadlines/time constraints; whether your marketing campaign is to be done online or on the field, there are always limitations that you’ll have to work with.

3. How to Acquire Google Docs

Are you already using Google Docs?

If so, then head over to the next step. Otherwise, It’s easy enough to get Docs -- just register for a free Google account. Once you’ve done so, you automatically have access to Docs (along with other useful Google apps). With Docs, not only can you work effectively on your desktop computer, but you can even do so on Android and iOS devices!

4. Pick a Suitable Template to Use

Go ahead and have a look through our varied library of Ready-Made Marketing Flowchart Templates. On the page, you’ll see previews of each template in the form a thumbnail, accompanied by that template’s name; click on a thumbnail and a new browser tab will open. On the fresh page, you can zoom in on preview images to the left side; a section marked as “Template Details” can be found on the right, containing information about the sample file. To download your desired template, simply use the large download button and follow some quick steps to save your new file onto your computer or device.

Arranging a marketing campaign is no easy task, so it helps to organize your team in other ways. Making use of an itinerary plan can be of great help with the management of each member’s daily contributions.

5. Fire up Google Docs and Get to Writing

With your template downloaded, open up Docs (on your computer or device) and get to editing. Composing a flowchart is a snap with our Ready-made Marketing Flowchart Templates since you’ll already have a premade series of markers and text bubbles to work with. Just replace the prewritten text with whatever is necessary and your flowchart is ready to present. Just don’t forget to save!

By downloading our expertly-crafted templates, you can cut down on the hassle of creating a flowchart from scratch!

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