In time where competition is high, you’ll need to thrive. When you own a business, placing your brand to the top doesn’t happen in an instant. You need to survive to climb up higher and compete with others. To get the ladder growing, you’ll need to get things going. Remember, what you do with your marketing plan affects your brand. So, you will have to plan for better strategies. But how can you do this? We have Marketing Flow Chart Templates in Apple Pages to help you plot a step by step guide on achieving your business goals. These templates are editable and available in A4 and US Letter sizes. So, don’t wait any further. Grab yours now! 

How to Create a Marketing Flow Chart in Pages

Working with a marketing team is fun until challenges prompt productivity. There are deadlines, revisions, plans, and many more. It’s as if everything is coming after you. So by now, you’re probably thinking of possible solutions to get out of trouble. But, how will you do it? Successful marketing follows an extensive area of the marketing process. You need to plan for promotion, social media posting, creating a brand, and many more. But though planning sounds easy, the execution is another story.

Failures happen. But there are ways to minimize this complication. So in coming up with a marketing plan, it’s necessary to list a step by step guide on how you’ll achieve that goal. Creating a workflow plan is always part of the process. But we provide steps below on how you can create a Marketing Flow Chart using Apple Pages.

1. Understand Your Business

It’s essential to understand the current situation of your business first. Upon knowing this, you will have a better understanding of the steps that you’ll list down and follow. So, take out a piece of paper. Jot down notes and come up with better strategies. It’s also an essential step in digging deeper into your brand. Make sure you research your products and your competitors.

2. Decide on a Flowchart Template

Talk about creating a template from scratch. Perhaps, it’s time-consuming. To avoid this kind of situation, you’ll have to get a ready-made template. On this website, you can find samples of Marketing Flowchart Templates you can use. You can instantly download a template and edit it on Apple pages. Make sure it’s ready before adding the strategies to avoid any delay.

3. Write Down the Strategies

Once your template is ready, you can start adding the steps. You’ll have to determine possible strategies that will help you come up with a better result. For example, when you’re creating a blog, it should follow a decision point if you need a web developer or not. You can do this by inserting a text box to every shape. It’s a one-step one shape rule to avoid confusing your team. Remember to label each properly. Make sure to avoid slang words.

4. Add Additional Elements

To complete a comprehensive and simple chart, make sure that you add arrows and connectors. These are elements that provide direction to your reader. Since the flow must be continuous, you’ll need to insert these in between two shapes. Other than that, don’t forget to leave extra space for every decision point. To make it easier for the readers to decide, insert “yes” or “no” options while others do it by adding symbols.

5. Check and Export

Make sure to save your work before proofreading it. In this way, you’ll have a back-up copy once you make changes. In checking your document, make sure that every step is readable. Once ready, it’s time to schedule a discussion — print copies for your team and elaborate more on the flowchart.

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