Marketing serves as a channel that plays a crucial role in meeting the sales targets of businesses that offer products and services. This is why most employers will only look for the right individuals who can match or even exceed their expectations, especially if it’s a marketing managerial position. If you believe that you have what it takes to acquire a position such as this, do make use of our ready-made Marketing Manager Cover Letter Templates in Apple Pages. These have suggestive yet easily editable content to ensure that your letter is perfectly tailored. Download any of our templates today to get started!

How to Write a Marketing Manager Cover Letter in Apple Pages

Regardless of the job position, cover letters play a crucial role in most job applications. This includes the marketing manager position that you are eyeing on now. While there are some instances where resumes are more likely to speak for itself, cover letters are the documents that allow you to showcase and convince your prospective employers that you are the one they need in the company. With that said, refer to the tips below to guide in writing an attention-grabbing cover letter in Apple Pages.

1. Open with an Impressive Line

Grab the attention of the hiring manager with a killer opening line that expresses your eagerness to get on board with the company. By starting off on a good and engaging note, you can easily lead the reader's attention toward the meat of your cover letter.

2. Avoid Repeating Your Resume

Make no mistake of simply reiterating what you stated in your resume and create a bigger picture that will further expand the points that you already made. The cover letter is also a chance for you to incorporate additional and substantial details of your experiences and accomplishments.

3. Emphasize Essential Experiences

Even if you have a lot of marketing-related experiences under your belt, it is advised that you only highlight the ones outlined in the job description. Make it a point to create a brief example or testimonial that will expound on your performance.

4. Upsell Yourself through Your Skills

If you are worried that you don't have enough experience to expound in your cover letter, focus on your skills that highlight your value. Hiring managers can be forgiving with your lack of experience if your skills make up for it.

5. End Strong and Memorable

The last paragraph of your cover letter is your last shot to express your eagerness and optimism. As much as possible, do away with the common closing phrases like "I look forward to hearing from you" and write something that will interest the hiring managers enough that they will contact you right away for an interview.

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