How to Create a Marketing Manager Cover Letter in Word

According to Touro University Worldwide, there is an increased demand for marketing managers in the industry, making it one of the occupational fields with the fastest-growing careers. It's no wonder why hiring companies often receive dozens of applications from candidates with promising credentials. So, whether you're applying to be a marketing communications manager, a marketing operations manager, or even a brand manager, you might want to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Go Beyond the Resume

Avoid repeating what an employer can already find in your professional resume. You don't want to be redundant about your credentials, so it's best to highlight what you can bring to the table by offering examples of the times you demonstrated specific skills and abilities.

2. Use the Proper Voice and Tone

Every company is different, and it's always best if you write your cover letter in a manner that is suitable for the company you're applying to. For instance, the tone of your cover letter when you're applying at a restaurant chain won't be appropriate if you were to apply at a legal firm.

3. Tell Your Story

No one has the time to read your autobiography, but providing recruiters with a brief background of who you are may give them some insight into your leadership skills, personality, and work ethics through the marketing letter. The key is to be specific about the qualities that make you competent for the job role.

4. Don't Be Like Everyone Else

The last thing you want is to create a cover letter that's a replica of what you can find on the internet. You have a higher chance of getting noticed if you play around with the way you compose this formal letter, without losing touch of its purpose.

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