There are times when we have trouble presenting our ideas and concepts to others, especially during a discussion. To make it simple for your listeners, visualizing our thoughts can help them understand better. In essence, one method is through mind mapping. In marketing, mind mapping helps structure your strategic plans so you can improve your ideas and strategies. Create one for your business through our Ready-Made Marketing Mind Map Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. Our templates are downloadable in Apple Pages format, perfect for MAC users. Customize your chosen template accordingly and print it in any printing device. Download now and design a strategic marketing mind map!

How to Create a Marketing Mind Map Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages

Mind mapping is not just merely designing a map; it’s compressing valuable information into one visually comprehensible illustration. According to research, visuals remain in long-term memory. That’s why it’s more effective in retaining information compared to spoken words.

Perhaps you need better guidance on how to create an effective mind map for your marketing business. For your convenience, we’ve provided the basics on how to design a marketing mind map for your business studies.

1. Download a Template

Whether it’s your first time designing a mind map or not, it advantageous to use a template. Aside from the fact that you don’t need to start from scratch, you will also reduce the chance of paying somebody to design a business mind map for you.

2. Go to Apple Pages

Are you currently on your Apple device? Then Apple Pages is the best processing application that you can use for creating documents. It works on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer, making it easy to collaborate with other Apple device users when you create a strategy mind map.

3. Focus on Your Core Concept

Mind maps usually are plotted first at the center. When designing yours, start from that center and, from there, branch out your ideas or concepts. It is best to take note that your ideas must still be relevant to your core idea.

4. Explore Subtopics

After you’ve decided which specific concept you want to focus on, you now start adding subtopics to your main topic. If it’s a social media marketing strategy or other small business strategies you want to focus on, think of a subtopic relevant to it.

5. Add Simple, Suitable Graphics

To make it more presentable, you may add colors or themes to your design mind map.

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