Business employees, like those in the marketing department, have their duties and responsibilities with respect to their job titles. Oftentimes, many of them commit honest mistakes in addressing their specific concerns to the wrong personnel, forcing inconvenient reworks. Through a creative and detailed structural design of an organization’s team of professionals, such confusions will surely be mitigated. And, organizational charts best suit the aforementioned descriptions. Check out our Marketing Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs! Subscribe to our plan now and get to do so easily! With the collection’s wide array of beautifully designed, 100% customizable, and printable illustrations, you can produce complete your one without the hassle of starting from scratch! What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and download the one that suits your needs!

What Is a Marketing Organizational Chart?

A marketing organizational chart is an illustration that depicts your marketing department’s corporate social order. According to Yatin Pawar’s 2018 article for UpRaise, one of the importance of such charts include the right delivery of pieces of information to the right professionals. With that being cited, creating one for your company lets you avail of the specific benefit.

How to Create a Marketing Organizational Chart

Honestly speaking, creating an organizational chart is easy. But considering its function to a company, you must make it with a high level of being cautious. Avoid unnecessary mistakes by carefully reading the list of guidelines and insights that we have prepared for you below.

1. Prepare Necessary Details

Create a list of employees that work under your marketing department. Additionally, provide each listed name his or her corresponding job title. To ensure the accuracy of your data, get them in a reliable source, and review them once or twice.

2. Select An Organizational Chart Format

There are three organizational formats, namely hierarchical organizational model, matrix organizational model, and flat organizational model. Each has its pros and cons. Conduct thorough research about them and pick the one that you are comfortable with.

3. Choose a Software Tool

There are many software products that you can use to create an organizational chart, and Google Docs is among these products. Google Docs has every element that you need, including shapes, colors, icons, and typefaces. It also allows you to add images. Not to mention, it has a feature that automatically saves your work in your Google drive from time to time.

4. Set Details and Design

Using what you have prepared, carefully layout your organizational chart with those details according to their social scale, and to your chosen format. Enclose them in formal shapes and connect them accordingly. Pay close attention to the order of employee hierarchy. Interchanging them would cause major issues and inconvenience. If you wish to, you can also include a brief description of each marketing position, like its roles and responsibilities.

5. Review Particulars

Once you have laid out your design, review your work and ensure that the job titles follow the right order and that they are set to the right personnel.

6. Make Your Output Available to Others

Produce your graphic illustration and put them in a place where the concerned employee can see it. Also, make sure to give it out to your marketing employees through online platforms. With Google Docs, this step won’t be a problem.

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