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What Is a Marketing Presentation?

A marketing presentation can simply be defined as a digital marketing file that is created, edited, and rendered through the use of a presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. This file consists of various presentation slides containing a marketing plan and is typically presented through a projector.

How to Create a Marketing Presentation in Apple Keynote

Learn how to make attention-grabbing Keynote presentations by going through our list of instructions below. Even if you're new to Keynotes, the instructions below are very self-explanatory and will guide you with everything from start to finish.

1. Identify your target audience

Before you start creating your Keynote presentation, always take into consideration your target audience and how your pitch can get their full attention. Identifying your target audience has various advantages, one of which is it enables you to familiarize yourself with what they are expecting to see from a marketing plan. Another advantage is it provides you with a better understanding as to how you can tailor your presentation according to the needs of your target audience.

2. Gather information about the marketing presentation

After you've identified your target audience, you now have an idea about their needs and wants and can match those with what you have in your advertising proposal. Simple gather all the information you have about your products or services and write them down on a sheet of paper. If you want, you can write this information in outline form and organize them logically according to slides, this will make it easier to convert to the actual presentation.

3. Prepare infographics, if needed

Although it's not entirely necessary in the communication of content, adding creative images and infographics can actually enhance the design of your marketing keynote presentation. According to studies, around 30% of information is retained from seeing alone and around 50% from both seeing and hearing. If you're planning to add graphics to your presentation, just make sure that they're relevant to the topic.

4. Launch Apple Keynote

Apple devices such as the iMac and Macbook already pre-installed with the iWork productivity suite and part of it is Apple Keynote, which is Apple's native presentation software. Simply launch the application and start a new project. Afterward, you'll be given a choice whether or not you'll be using any of the Keynote templates available. Regardless if you do, what matters is your convenience in creating a professional and informative marketing presentation.

5. Start creating your marketing presentation

By using the gathered data and infographics, you can finally start working on your marketing presentation. As mentioned earlier, make your presentation worth watching and listening by organizing the data logically into different presentation slides. And for each slide, you can add a creative touch to it by incorporating the images and infographics that you have gathered. Lastly, you may also add effects and transitions to your presentation.

6. Preview the presentation and evaluate

Before going out to do your pitch to your target audience, take some time to go through the entire presentation to check on its quality. Also, take this opportunity to proofread your work to see if there are errors in the content. To make it unbiased, you may want to ask for a second opinion from another person by having them help you out in evaluating and proofreading your Keynote marketing presentation.

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