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How to Create a Marketing Presentation in Apple Pages

Creating a marketing presentation from scratch can be stressful. But if you have some useful tips and tricks up your sleeves, you will surely create meaningful and convincing presentations for advertising your brand. Listed below is an easy guide you can refer to when creating a marketing presentation:

1. Use Captivating Images

Marketing presentations are meant to be visually engaging to the audience; hence, the need for high-quality images, illustrative infographics, bright colors, and well-written content. However, when choosing what images to use, it is essential to pick attractive images that emphasize the key speaking points. You need to be strategic and relevant; only use images that relate to the topic you're discussing. Plus, you can also use diagrams, graphs, tables, etc. to make your points more convincing to your audience. You can take advantage of imagery to make your presentation more concise and effective.

2. Make It Short and Simple

Brevity is an important factor that you need to consider when creating your marketing presentation. Although you can provide more detailed descriptions for every point, it is best to use images and graphics instead. You should always make a conscious decision to avoid clutter, and you can easily do that by leaving out space in your slides. Your aim should be to provide information about your brand in the clearest, most direct way possible.

3. Choose Easily Readable Font Styles

Although presentations heavily rely on graphics to make it more convincing, it still needs descriptions and information. That's why when choosing the font style, you should go for simple and professional ones. It may seem boring but it helps you avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding. You can always go for basic styles such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Book Antiqua, and so on. However, you can always use other styles so long as they are legible and fits the mood of your presentation appropriately.

4. Review and Finalize

After you create the first draft of your presentation, you should always take a step back to review the flow. Before you use the presentation, there shouldn't be any errors and mistakes. Check if you maintained coherence is your content, review the comprehensiveness of the layout, organize your design elements, and so on. You can even ask your colleagues to review the presentation for you. You can ask for pointers on what to improve, what to change, edit, and so on.

5. Make Your Presentation Shareable

With the advent of technology, it is a lame excuse to not prepare copies of your presentation to give to your audience. There are many available tools in the market that will allow you to easily create a presentation with a built-in sharable feature. Through this, you can share your message even after your presentation and establish great brand recognition. You can either have your presentation shared digitally or traditionally; you should always consider what your audience prefers.

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