People go to massage parlors for these top three reasons - relaxation or stress reduction, health and medical reasons, and to relieve physical soreness and stiffness. Over the past ten years, there was an increase of approximately 25% of massage therapists in the country according to the American Massage Therapy Association or AMTA. With over 300,000 therapists in the U.S., massage becomes the top selling service in the spa and wellness industry. And because of this massive growth, the competition within this business becomes more intense.

Take these figures as your cue to upgrade your career, whether you are a freelance licensed massage therapist, or someone who works in a spa, hotel, or salon. A personalized business card is your starting point to book more clients as you go along in this cutthroat industry. We at will help you achieve this goal with our customizable business cards.

Browse through our free and premium templates to create your calling card. We have over 20 designs and card ideas that you can choose from, conveniently editable in Microsoft Word format. You can use our sample photos or you can upload one that represents your brand. Get creative, change the background colors, add more texts, or go minimalist, make sure to put your personality on it. Once it is completed, do not forget to print and share it online.

In this fast paced environment, more and more people seek relaxation, healing, and a moment to unwind. Reach out to this community, is always at your service for your business card needs.

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