Awarding merits to an outstanding employee would not significantly affect the awardee; it would also reflect the entire company. As Eraldo Banovac, an author and professor, once stated, ''motivating employees to work at their full potential is the main premise of successful management.” Well-performing employees would want to receive an award for their excellence through a meal voucher so they can treat their family or loved ones. So, to entice companies to gift their employees vouchers for your restaurant or diner, make a compelling meal voucher by downloading our Meal Voucher Templates in Adobe Illustrator. Our templates include high-quality images and original artworks and fonts. Moreover, it is also packed with original suggestive headlines and content that are 100% customizable and easily editable. Download one of our templates and make an appetizing meal voucher immediately!

How to Make a Meal Voucher In Adobe Illustrator

A meal voucher is often substituted for payments to have a meal in food establishments located in a hotel, airport, or near your place. They typically come in a piece of document with information about the said discount on meals. Instead of cold cash, vouchers are usually distributed as a reward for employees with outstanding work performance. It would also serve as a marketing tool for food establishments. So, if you wanted to make one today, read this article further to learn more about tips in making a meal voucher.

1. Indicate a Security Feature

One of the archenemies of restaurateurs are people who would fake meal vouchers just to have free meals. So, to avoid it from happening to you, you need to include a unique security feature in each of your meal vouchers. Thankfully, there is a variety of advanced security features that you can utilize in your voucher design— holograms, papers with watermark, heat reactive inks, and more. The preferred security feature that you can indicate in your sample voucher is watermarked papers where you can watermark your company logo.

2. Write your Content

A voucher can be a mere piece of paper, but it must include the correct and complete information on the covered discount. Divide your voucher into little digestible sections. In your header, you can include your restaurant's name, location, and contact address. Then, indicate the scope of the meal voucher. Below, indicate the voucher number and the voucher's validity. You can also indicate the time when the voucher is available. For instance, if you issue a dinner voucher, you can indicate that it can only be utilized between 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

3. Design your Voucher Accordingly

Aside from its content, a voucher must have an appealing design— especially if you intend to make a food voucher. With that, play with images and colors that would match your concept. For example, if you are running a Mexican restaurant, you might want to add a picture of a guy with mustache and sombrero and uses colors of the Mexican flag.

4.Download the Right Template

It would be tedious to make a voucher from scratch, To get things together, you need to download a 100% customizable and easily editable voucher template. With that, you can choose from our array of meal voucher template that you can download, customize, and personalize in Adobe Illustrator. Guarantee that our templates will not disappoint you as it has premium features that you cannot find from others.

5. Choose the Appropriate Paper Stock

Although we are currently in the electric generation, printable vouchers are still a go-to. With that, you need to choose the paper stock appropriate for your voucher's purpose. The preferable paper stock to use is 150gsm to ensure that your voucher is durable and high-quality.

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