How to Make a Meal Voucher in Adobe Photoshop

A 2012 study spearheaded by Dr. Paul J. Zak and reveals that people were 11% happier after receiving a $10 voucher compared to those who didn't receive any coupon at all. Nowadays, it's common for consumers to demand special deals from establishments. Not only does it help boost customer engagement, but it also impacts buyer behavior and overall revenue for the business. So to help you make the best out of this marketing strategy, here are a few tips to ensure the successful creation of your vouchers:

1. Include the Necessary Details

The voucher should tell consumers what they can enjoy from this offer. For instance, your restaurant can provide food vouchers for customers who order take-out. It's one way to encourage repeat transactions, while also giving customers something that they can benefit from.

2. Indicate the Expiration Date

The best way to create a sense of urgency is to have an end date for your promos. This should drive customers to act immediately so that they don't waste away a promising deal. Be reasonable when setting your redemption period, as you don't want to make it seem impossible for people to avail.

3. Add Eye-Catching Images

Images can capture the attention of and build a sense of excitement among consumers. Attach a few pictures of mouthwatering dishes that customers can get from your food voucher, and that should be enough to draw attention to your offers.

4. Make It Easy to Track

Promos are good for business, but they can be risky when you don't manage them carefully. One way to measure the success of your campaign and determine the authenticity of these promotion vouchers is to use barcodes and other identification labels for such.

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