How to Create a Mechanical Engineer Job Description in Google Docs

As the employer, it will always be your obligation to clearly draw the initial orientation of your mechanical engineering candidates during the recruitment process. That’s why the use of job descriptions is always ideal. For that particular reason, we listed below our fundamentals for your added convenience. Here’s how you can create a mechanical engineer job description in Google Docs.

1. Declare the Exact Job Title

Mainly, the terms “Mechanical Engineer” can’t suffice on the nature of work for your applicants. There are also many mechanical engineering fields that require specific proficiency for such. Thus, it’s vitally pivotal to declare clearly the exact job title of your desired mechanical engineer in your job description. You may highlight this also by writing this down in bold, all capitalized letters.

2. Give a Synopsis of Your Company

In other words, introduce your company. Put brief descriptions on your work culture and environment, entail your founding history, mark memorable company milestones and achievements, and more others. This does not have to be long. Keep it concise, engaging, and comprehensive.

3. Enumerate the Job Responsibilities

Make sure you enumerate clearly the responsibilities, and other obligations, of your required mechanical engineer in your job description. Ensure to keep it straightforward. State simply. You should declare as well the possible offices, other employees, or authorities that your mechanical engineer might be working with also in your job description.

4. Tally the Necessary Requirements

From the legal documents such as resume, cover letter, and certificates, educational requirement, to the level of work experiences and technical skills, tally down all of your relevant requirements and qualification in this mechanical engineer job description. Specify each item. If applicable, you may also categorize, which are the most priority and which can be submitted later during the recruitment process.

5. Stipulate Your Contact Details

Lastly, so you can surely cater all the personal inquiries your mechanical engineer applicants may have, you should stipulate your contact details in your job description. Make sure to indicate your contact numbers, email addresses, websites, or even social media pages correctly. Ensure all of the digits and spellings are mistake-free.

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